20 Facts about me

Since I’ve seen, that some of you are not from germany I decided to write some of my posts in english as well. For the others the posts will all ne in german but there will be parts in englisc for my readers abroad. 

For the start of the english part I thought it would be great to make the 10 random facts about me tag. Just to introduce myself a little bit more to you guys. 

Alright, let’s start. Hope you’ll have as much fun as I have just now in this moment! 

  1. My zodiac sign is pisces
  2. 3 fears I have: spiders spiders and spiders
  3. 3 things I love: chocolate, steak & my boyfriend
  4. I have one piercing, in my belly, no tattoos yet but maybeeee there is one on my wishlist
  5. My favourite movie is The fault in our stars – such a wonderful book as well
  6. What I find attractive in other people – their smile
  7. My favourite store right now: asos
  8. My haircolour: blonde/ brown
  9. I’m ill right now
  10. I totally want to visit NYC once

Well, I guess that’s it. At first. There will follow more, promise!

Keep in smiling, Jaci xoxo ❤️


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